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Your Failure is Inevitable

Are you afraid you will fail?

I am.

I have the fear of failure. Everyday.

I am afraid that I might fail in my career.

I am afraid that I might fail in my fitness and health.

I am afraid that I might fail in my relationships.

And I am afraid because…

Failure is inevitable.

It might look like a very negative statement at first, but it is the truth.

And it is important that we accept this truth.

When failure is staring at us, we usually go into a denial. Because the concept of failure is uncomfortable. In fact, this post might be making you uncomfortable already – just talking about the concept of failure.

We like to think that everything will turnout fine and we ignore the possibility of failure.

And when failure gets to have a date with us, we get frustrated and we blame others. We don’t see it coming.

When we fail, there is no limit for the number of people we can blame.

We blame the government, our parents, our relatives, our spouses, our friends, our business partners, our employees, our bosses and the list goes on…

We blame other people because we do not take responsibility for our failures.

I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in my life and there is one thing I have realized about failure.

Failure is inevitable.

It’s a hard truth to accept but it is the truth – and truth doesn’t care about your feelings.

For all of us, failure is always just around the corner and it is waiting to punch you in the face – if we are not alert.

The biggest failure of our life would be to think that failure will stay away from us. We lack the maturity to accept the truth.

Reality: The possibility of failure is there at every aspect of our life.

This leads me to the quote:

“If you think success is inevitable, you will fail. And if you think failure is inevitable, you will succeed.”

The possibility of failure is something that you have to fight everyday.

  • Health: If you used to go to the gym and don’t go to the gym anymore, you will soon have health problems. If you do not have a good diet every day you will not remain fit.
  • Career: If you used to do well in your career and think that everything will be fine you will not keep yourself updated and soon you will become outdated. You have to change and upgrade yourself to fit into the changing times of the world.
  • Relationships: If you have great relationships and think that it will always be great without having to constantly work on it, you will lose the closest people you have in your life. If you ignore them, they will ignore you.

Failure is inevitable – if you stop fighting.

Success is a result of fighting against failure – all the time, without getting tired of the fight.

Let’s take my own life as an example.

Many people think that I have achieved a certain level of success.

I have 250k active subscribers. 1000s of loyal customers. I get invited to talks frequently. My business is doing very well. I have a great team. We are making a lot of profits.


Holding on to this success is as difficult as achieving this level of success.

  • I have to constantly make sure that I am not beaten by my competition. I have to launch new products (like the internship program), find out new ways of branding and marketing. If at any point I stop, then I will start failing.
  • I have to make sure that the team is productive, motivated and guided. If I ignore my team, my company would fail.
  • I have to make sure that I constantly create content like this to keep my subscribers (you) engaged. Else you will forget me and start following someone else.

On top of managing all this, I have to make sure that my energy levels and mood are at its best. My physical and mental health is paramount to the success of my business and career.

I also have to make sure that I make enough time for my girlfriend(s), my family, my parents and so on. Relationships are very important for my emotional health – which is tied to my mental health – which is tied to my career.

At any point if I slow down or ignore any aspect of my life, I will fail. Success needs to be in the present, not in the past.

I know that failure is inevitable – and understanding the nature of failure keeps me at the edge. And living on the edge gives me an edge over life. Success demands a price – of not just achieving it, but maintaining it.

And success comes to the people who fight against failure – every single day. Every single moment.

Fight the laziness.

Fight the negativity.

Fight the competition.

Fight the negative people.

Fight every aspect of your life that is pulling you down.

Fight every moment.

Fight with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength.

And don’t give up.

This fight is the price of success.

And it is a price worth paying – because you live life once – might as well succeed in it.

Life never gets easier. You just get tougher.

Never get comfortable thinking that you will eventually succeed.

Success doesn’t happen by itself.


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